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Vetted Los Angeles Restorations is an affiliate brand connecting Los Angeles homeowners and business owners with local restoration contractors. 

Our professionals provide instant responses. Water’s adverse effects are greatly decreased by timely and efficient intervention, particularly during the first 24-48 hours. 

Even if the damage appears severe, repair and restoration can provide amazing results. 

We work with both residential and commercial clients who require our partners’ services. Call us at (213) 657-5656 today. We offer free estimates throughout the Los Angeles County.

When you call, one of our call center agents will pick up and take in your request. They’ll then connect you with one of our partners immediately, ensuring a prompt response to your emergency. You’ll then proceed in dealing with one of our partners from there. 

We carefully pick who we work with, however, make sure to verify their claims and that they’re actually somebody who can take care of your disaster properly. 

(213) 657-5656

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Licensing and Certifications

Water damage restoration companies do require a C-61/D-64 Limited Specialty/Non-Specialized state license if the project price exceeds $500. Read more on California restoration contractors licensing

Also, the company should be certified by IICRC. Being certified by IICRC shows that the company is willing to go the extra mile in order to provide the best possible restoration services to their clients. 

(213) 657-5656