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What Are Roofing Leaks and What to Do About Them

Your roof is among the most essential parts of your house, considering that it keeps your family and belongings safe from the elements. The state of your roof also affects the value of your home. 

Unfortunately, thanks to their size and positioning, your roof can make your home vulnerable to multiple types of damage. One of these is leaks

What Causes Roofs to Leak?

Here are some common reasons why your roof might be leaking. 

Poor Maintenance

A new roof should serve you well for 20 to 50 years. However, this will only happen if it’s professionally installed and properly maintained over the years. 

Failure on either part could lead to a leaking roof. For example, failure to remove snow blocks and thick ice from your roof may put excess pressure on the roof, causing a crack. The same can happen if you fail to clean your gutters, which then blocks runoff water from flowing through.

Damaged Vent Booting

A boot is a flashing used to seal and waterproof openings around the base of pipes protruding from the roof. 

These are made from different materials, but their job is to stop water from entering your home. If these crack or are otherwise damaged, you can get a leak through the roof. 

Chimney Wear and Tear

The mortar joints on brick chimneys and even the bricks can get saturated during extended rainy periods. This will sometimes cause water to begin leaking into the house. 

Issues with the metal flashing under the shingles surrounding the chimney can also be the root of a leaky roof. 

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Improperly Installed Skylights

Skylights are beautiful and add value to your home. However, skylights have, over the years, gotten a bad rap for their susceptibility to leaks. 

At times, it’s a component of the skylight that is problematic. Sometimes, the problem is improper installation by an installer that fails to follow installation instructions to the letter. 

If you have a roof leak above your skylight, this will likely be the source.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is the most common type of homeowners insurance claim, and it’s no wonder why. Storms are as destructive as they are common in many parts of the country.

Luckily for us Angelenos, storms do not happen as frequently here in Southern California, but they are still a possibility, as we could clearly see in the winter months of late 2022 and early 2023

Storms can cause a lot of damage to your roof which can easily lead to obvious leaks. 

Struggling with a leaking roof from storm damage or other cause? Call us now and have our experts restore all of the damage for you!

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What Damage Can You Expect From A Roofing Leak?

All roof leaks should be treated as emergencies. If left unresolved, you can be sure they will cause more water damage, and this will take longer and be costlier to fix. 

Here is a look at some issues that could emerge from a leaky roof. 

1. Damaged Ceilings

Once water trickles through a damaged shingle, a crack in the skyline, or displaced flashing, it makes its way to the ceiling. This will discolor or stain the roof and encourage mold and mildew growth. In severe cases, ceiling tiles will loosen and begin falling off. 

This discoloration and mold can happen to your walls as well. 

2. Structural Damage

If the leak subjects your roof to prolonged or high water inflow, your roof decking, wood rafters, wall studs, attic floor beams, and other structural components could weaken, become moldy, and rot. These outcomes interfere with your home’s structural integrity. 

3. Insulation Damage

Roof leaks destroy insulation in your attic. Thanks to the trickle-down effect, your wall and ceiling insulation can also be compromised. 

Roof leaks dampen insulation and make it moldy, which can cause it to lose its R-value.

4. Floor Damage

If a leak gets to the ceiling and remains unchecked, the next place it hits is the floor. Here floor beams, carpets, and hardwood flooring all take a beating. 

Over time, floors that keep getting soaked in water absorb water and become uneven or sag.

5. Property Loss

Aside from floor damage, water that gets into your home through the roof will undoubtedly damage your property, including your expensive and irreplaceable sentimental items. 

6. Mold and Mildew

These fungi love dark, moist spaces. If you have a slow leak on your roof, this moisture will definitely create an ideal environment for mold in your attic. 

Mold and mildew cause ugly stains, damage the air quality of your home, bring down your home’s value, and can cause various respiratory health problems.

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Don’t Ignore a Leaking Roof - Call Us for Water Damage Repair!

It’s always a bad idea to ignore a leaking roof. Fixing a leaking roof by yourself is also not something you should do. Why? Roof leaks can weaken a roof’s structural integrity. This means you can never be sure of how sturdy it is, and your safety is not guaranteed. 

This is why you should call us at Vetted Los Angeles Restorations at the first sign of a roof leak. Our professionals can manage the water removal process and restore your home or commercial property to what it was before the leak. 

But roofing leaks are not the only type of water damage you can experience. Whether you’re struggling with burst pipes, basement water damage, appliance leaks, sewage backups, crawl space leaks, or any other type of water damage, you can rely on us and our teams. 

The best water damage repair Los Angeles CA has to offer is available with just one phone call! Our partners successfully complete projects with their perfected water mitigation and structural drying processes. Those professionals also offer the following services:

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