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Water Damage Long Beach CA

Numerous things can cause water damage Long Beach, CA citizens are typically struggling with, including flash floods, sewage backups, hydrostatic pressure, roofing leaks, toilet and sump pump overflows, appliance leaks from dishwashers or washing machines, water supply leaks and other plumbing failure, malfunctioning AC, and others. 

Water damage can be incredibly hazardous and costly, even though it may not seem possible for that to be the case at first. 

The negative effects of such damage can range from clearly visible ones like swelling and rotting of wood, rusting of steel and corrosion, short-circuiting of electronics, and plywood delamination, to the ones not visible at first, like a threatened home foundation, damaged insulation and drywall, potential collapsing of the ceiling, microbial and bacterial development, and fungi and mold growth.

In the end, the worst of it all is that you and anybody else present in the damaged house can get sick from being exposed to dirty water, and the house itself may lose value.

Let’s avoid all of this. With a prompt response and the right restoration team doing the work, your property can be preserved and repaired with ease. Call us to get connected with the leading water damage repair specialists in Long Beach. 

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Flood Damage Long Beach CA

To our dismay, with one of the best weathers in the country come some of the biggest flooding risks. Southern California, particularly the cities of Long Beach, Los Angeles, and the rest of LA County, have a population of over 1.3 million people living in a floodplain. That’s over 200,000 people in just Long Beach alone!

Flood damage is the worst type of water damage you can deal with. If the sheer amount of water flooding and soaking up your property isn’t enough, count in the plethora of hazards and contaminants that are present in it – urine, feces, food waste, biohazards, dirt, soil, rocks, dead animals, trash, chemicals, industrial waste, and so much more. 

Saying that you can get sick from exposure to such waters would be an understatement. 

With such a hazard threatening your health and well-being, along with the structural integrity of your property, you need someone who has enough of skill, expertise, and experience to tackle the damage for you head-on.

In such situations, there is no room for mistakes, which is why you need to be working with only with the best of the best in the business.

This is why you should call us! Vetted Los Angeles Restorations connects you with the leading flood damage restoration service providers in Long Beach, CA – professionals who will respond in minutes, not hours, and treat your home as if it were their own. Call us for a free flood damage restoration quote now!

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Why You Need to Respond Immediately After Water Damage

As we’ve said above, water damage can cause all sorts of troubles which may not be visible at first. 

For starters, once water enters your property through a broken water supply pipe or a sewage backup, it will take on a path of least resistance, spreading throughout your home or business and being absorbed by your porous materials like wood and paper. It won’t take long before water spills from your upper floor to the lower floors if it happened there. 

This was what happens immediately after water damage. After a few hours pass, your walls, floors, and ceilings may start discoloring, swelling, and warping.

But it’s not just water absorption that causes harm. There’s also multiple negative effects that come from water evaporation. 

When water evaporates, humidity levels increase, and the vapor pressure forms. Such pressure accumulates more and more moisture, creating a damp environment with terrible indoor air quality and unbearable conditions for the household but incredibly favorable conditions for mold growth. 

It takes only 24 hours for mold to start growing in high humidity areas. Vapor pressure can also damage the building’s fabric and contents. 

And finally, damp environments are inviting for various pests. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why it’s necessary for you to respond immediately after water damage and call us for a Long Beach water damage cleanup and remediation service. 

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What Causes Water Damage in Long Beach CA

We’ve already briefly mentioned the different causes of water damage in Long Beach, but let’s dive a little deeper now. 

The most obvious cause of water damage is flooding and rain, and while Long Beach is not necessarily known as a rainy place, the recent flash flooding in January 2023 showed us that such events are still very much a possibility in the city and the rest of the county. 

But brushing off water damage as just an event that happens when there is rare bad weather in Southern California would be foolish. In fact, here are a few statistics that show just how common water damage is:

This goes to show that water damage is not just attributed to natural disasters. Instead, it’s actually more common for water damage to originate from indoors.

Most cases occur during the winter when water pipes freeze. Yes, even in Long Beach, pipes can freeze. Frozen pipes often burst, leading to sudden water damage that spreads and causes a hefty loss quickly. 

Other than that, many times appliances and toilets malfunction and overflow. In more severe cases, sewage pipes can be overloaded by trash or penetrated by tree roots from above, causing the wastewater to back up to your bathroom or basement. 

You may even experience it in your crawl space due to hydrostatic pressure. This type of pressure can push moisture through your foundation’s cracks and openings, leading to seepage in your crawl space or basement.

Need a Long Beach water damage restoration service that goes above and beyond? Call us now!

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What Damage Categories

You may have come across the term “water damage category”. Simply put, water damage categories and classes are defined by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) S500 Standard, and they are determined by their contamination levels and probable rate of evaporation respectively. We’ll get to classes later, but let’s now get into the categories:

  1. Category 1 – Clean water. This type of water damage is not contaminated and posses very little risk to those in the close proximity to it. It originates from water supply leaks, rain, and, more rarely, snow.
  2. Category 2 – Grey water. Slightly contaminated, but still not a significant health risk. It originates from appliance, sump pumps, and toilet overflows and leaks. 
  3. Category 3 – Black water. Incredibly hazardous and the most difficult to sanitate. Black water originates from sewage and flooding. Definitely not something you should try to DIY or a call in a plumber for. 

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What Damage Classes

Now let’s get into the classes. These are determined by the scope of the damage and, again, the probable rate of evaporation. There are 4 water damage classes defined by the IICRC:

  1. Class 1 – This type of water damage affects only a portion of one room. Slow rate of evaporation. 
  2. Class 2 – Faster rate of evaporation, but still limited to one room. However, this time, the entire room is affected, including walls, flooring, and carpets. 
  3. Class 3 – Fastest rate of evaporation, with the water spreading throughout multiple rooms and damaging drywall, insulation, and subflooring. 
  4. Class 4 – Entire property is affected. These properties are the mostly costly to restore, with concrete, crawl space, and foundation all likely requiring repairs. For the drying process to be successful, humidity levels need to be brought to very low levels. Only true professionals should handle this type of damage.

Regardless of the class or category of water damage you’re dealing with, be assured that the partners Vetted Los Angeles Restorations works with can successfully mitigate all of the harm, recover your property or building, and help bring your life back to normal. Call us now!

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Water Damage Restoration Long Beach CA

The leading Long Beach water damage restoration service is just a phone call away – pick up the phone and dial (213) 657-5656 to get connected to the top water restoration technicians in the city of Long Beach, CA who service their fellow Long Beachers and also communities of Signal Hill, Lakewood, Los Alamitos, Cerritos, Seal Beach, and nearby cities. 

Our partners are the leaders in the water damage restoration industry, and are highly reviewed by the locals. We only work with ethical companies who serve their customers well.

When you call us, you can be assured that you will be connected with a certified expert who is ready to work tirelessly until they’ve achieved 110% customer satisfaction. 

Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner, property manager, or a business owner, you can rely on our partners to get the job done. 

For a top-notch water damage restoration service, call Vetted Los Angeles Restorations today!

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Water Removal Long Beach CA

Doesn’t matter if it’s clean water, grey water, or black water, the first step in the water damage restoration process is water removal AKA water mitigation or water extraction. Water removal entails exactly what the name says – removal of the standing water and moisture that spread throughout your rooms. 

Technicians carry out water removal using specialized water extraction pumps and wet-dry vacuums. These devices extract the water to water tanks which are then driven away to a controlled environment where the water will be disposed. 

Once water removal is complete, the technicians will get started with the structural drying and cleanup processes to fully restore your home to a livable condition. Call us for a quote now!

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Structural Drying

Structural drying is the following step. It’s critical to dry out and dehumidify a property ASAP not just to reduce humidity levels and make the space livable again, but also to prevent deterioration of damp materials and mold. 

Structural drying entails the use of dehumidifiers, air movers, and air scrubbers. The technicians will install this equipment and let it run. The typical drying time ranges anywhere from 3 or 5 days to 2 weeks. In more extreme water and flood damage scenarios, it may take much longer than that. 

You can be present in the property during structural drying at all times, it’s just that the equipment is usually very loud and also it will be very hot and uncomfortable. Consult with your professional regarding this. 

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Types of Water Damage We Can Restore

Basement Water Damage Restoration

A basement or crawl space is usually the first domino to fall during flooding, as it’s the lowest level room in the entire house. 

Also, along with bathrooms, basements are where sewage backups typically happen. 

When you experience basement water damage, know that Vetted Los Angeles Restorations has exceptional basement water damage restoration experts on call 24/7, ready to quickly jump in and restore your basement before the conditions worsen.

Know that basement water damage can turn into a disaster for a homeowner, as water can cause wooden beams to rot and lead to a weakened or shifted foundation which can cost a lot to repair. 

If you spot basement water damage, call our experts right away!

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Sewage Cleanup Long Beach CA

As category 3 water damage, sewage requires a very detailed approach in order to be successfully cleaned up and restored. 

Do not try to clean up sewage yourself nor should you allow anybody present in your property to come even close to it. Sewage contains a ton of contaminants, microorganisms, and bacteria which can causes diseases like Campylobacteriosis, Encephalitis, Hepatitis A, and others. 

Call a professional sewage cleanup company to take care of the issue for you. These technicians are fully dressed up and equipped to step in the dirty area and clean up all of the black water. 

They will take on all of the health risks themselves instead of you, and will work quickly to prevent sewage from spreading further to your other rooms. 

Call us for a professional Long Beach sewage cleanup service!

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Appliance Leaks

Leaking appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, or water heaters can cause a lot of water damage pretty quickly. Different appliances leak for different reasons, but the cause usually involves a clogged drain or a disconnected pipe. 

The water that leaks from these appliances can be slightly dirty and contain a lot of chemicals, especially if it’s a dishwasher or a washing machine that’s leaking, which is why this type of water damage is categorized under Category 2 grey water damage. 

You can rely on our experts to deal with the water damage that came from your appliance leaks.

Such events require a prompt response and a do-it-all attitude throughout the entire project, both of which you can expect from our partner’s technicians. 

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Burst Pipes

If your pipe has burst, don’t worry, Vetted Los Angeles Restorations professionals will arrive in no time. 

Pipes usually burst because of freezing or water pressure, and those bursts can be sudden and destructive or small and hidden behind walls. The latter type of a leak can be much harder to detect and get insurance coverage for. 

Burst pipes can cause a lot of water and moisture to accumulate behind walls, leading to wall cracks and stains and peeling wall paper. Behind the surface, your drywall and insulation can deteriorate. 

Our advice is to stay alert of these red flags, in addition to other water damage signs we have mentioned to look out for on this website.

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Crawl Space Leaks

Crawl spaces are surrounded by wooden beams which support the rest of your property. If these beams were to be damaged, your entire house would take a hit.

You’d notice signs like uneven flooring, pest infestation, mold, discoloration of your foundation wall, and others.

It’s likely that once you’ve noticed some of these signs, the leak has already been there for days, weeks, or even months. This is why crawl space leaks are so tricky – people often spot them too late. 

For a prompt crawl space water damage repair service, call Vetted Los Angeles Restorations today. 

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Roofing Leaks

Substantial property loss, insulation and ceiling damage, and mold and mildew development can occur as consequences of roofing leaks

These types of leaks can be caused by bad weather and storms, wear and tear, and poor maintenance, and the water damage that can come from them can be extensive and costly to repair. 

If a lot of water builds up above your ceiling, it could cause it to collapse, with a risk of serious injury to anyone in the household.

Watch out for ceiling sagging or drooping because those are usually the indicators that something is going on up there. 

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Commercial Water Damage Restoration

If your business has experienced water damage, there’s a potential for a lot of problems to occur. 

Standing water in a business will make it difficult for anybody to be present inside. This includes both your customers and your employees. 

Your customers will not want to enter a business with damp and dirty indoor space, while your employees will not be able to work in such, leading to loss of customers to competitors and inefficiency of your employees which impacts your productivity.

If you’re struggling with water damage and flooding in your business, call us for commercial water damage restoration

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Mold Remediation Long Beach CA

Mold can be a really useful fungi in the production and industrial sector, but not inside a house. Indoor mold grows on organic surfaces and it eats everything it comes in contact with. The more it grows, the more it eats. 

It can be a dangerous biohazard if it grows out of hand, especially because there are mold species like Stachybotrys AKA black mold that can make you sick and cause respiratory conditions. Mold can also trigger asthma and allergic reactions. 

Let’s get this hazard out of your house or business – call Vetted Los Angeles Restorations today for a prompt mold remediation service. 

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Flood Damage Restoration Long Beach CA

We’ve already described how dangerous floods are and how worryingly prone the city of Long Beach and the rest of LA County is to floods. Let’s now quickly mention some flood preparedness and reaction advice:

  • Listen to authorities and pay attention to weather forecasts
  • Check whether your property is in a flood zone
  • Have an emergency evacuation kit ready at all times along with a seamless evacuation plan
  • Have the copies of critical documents
  • Know where you will go and what you will do in case of a disaster
  • If said to evacuate by authorities, do so immediately
  • Do not try to carry anything unnecessary
  • If eligible, try to obtain government funding through FEMA Individual Assistance or FEMA Public Assistance programs
  • If you haven’t already, purchase flood insurance from NFIP as standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage

With so many things to worry about during and after flooding, you don’t need to put the burden of property recovery and restoration on yourself on top of that. Let our partners and their flood damage restoration experts deal with the aftermath of flooding in your property.

These guys are athletic and skilled enough to tackle the destructive scenarios that usually follow flash flooding. They learn and train every day, so that when the disaster strikes, they’re ready to respond. Call us to connect with them and get started with flood restoration right away. 

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Fire Damage Restoration Long Beach CA

Fires are as fierce as they are sudden. If not addressed right away, fires can quickly destroy an entire property and burn all the valuables and documents inside of it. 

And in California, it’s not just a typical cooking or heating fire that homeowners can face themselves with – there is also a chance of wildfires occurring. However, the city of Long Beach specifically has a pretty low risk of wildfires

Regardless of the cause, fire damage is not something you want to try to repair on your own. There’s hazardous smoke that can harm you if inhaled, in addition to the chance of property collapsing and causing severe injury. 

Let the fire damage experts that we partner with deal with the situation for you. Call us for a fire damage restoration quote today.

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Water Damage FAQs

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it takes anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to fully dry out a home. However, if you’ve experienced severe water damage, you may also require reconstruction and replacements of different materials. In that case, it can take an additional few weeks to fully restore your home. 

Almost always, the answer to “should you replace drywall if it gets wet” is yes, the drywall needs to be replaced after water damage. The reason is that wet drywall deteriorates quickly and it’s very hard to reverse the negative effects of water-damaged drywall, which include not just discoloration and stains but also the loss of structural integrity. 

Mold can start growing just 24 hours after water damage occurs, which is why you need to react promptly to any water damage signs. 

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