Top 7 Restaurants in Los Angeles

Whether you dine in, have a feast from street vendors, order in, or stop by food trucks, Los Angeles, CA, is never short of exemplary, innovative, diverse, creative, yummy food. 

But where do you go when you want to treat yourself to a great meal at a brick-and-mortar restaurant? Here are our top 7 picks.

1. Bavel

Bavel offers culinary delights from Israel, Morocco, Egypt, and Turkey. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, chefs Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis put their best foot forward with each plate. 

Don’t expect a heavily patterned, dark space synonymous with Middle Eastern-themed restaurants. Bavel explores various architectural elements, including skylights, to bring in as much light as possible and give the space a light, lively, airy feel. An absolute must-try at Bavel? The hummus. 

However, try out the hand-made couscous, fire-roasted meats, crunchy, spicy prawn, and, yes, their array of earth-shattering desserts.

2. République

This is an upscale all-day café that’s often teeming with patrons morning to night, and with good reason. 

The husband and wife team at this café serves up perfectly balanced lobster mafaldine, roast chicken, beef short ribs, and kimchi fried rice. 

One endearing factor about République is its brunch service. While most restaurants don’t think much of it, République offers the most indulgent, innovative brunch on the East Coast and beyond. Prove us wrong.  

3. The Original Pantry

With the L.A. Nightlife being what it is, it’s easy to see why residents and tourists appreciate the Original Pantry.

After a hard, regrettable night out, nothing beats pancakes, omelets, French toast, and all. Later in the day, meatballs, grilled ham, and other comfort foods are abundant. 

What’s loveable about the Original Pantry is its traditional look and feel, like its countertop swivel seats and servers in retro soda jerk paper caps. 

4. 71Above

Want a meal at 950 feet above ground level? We have the spot for you. 

71Above serves American cuisine with breathtaking ocean views from Laguna Hills to Malibu, the Los Angeles basin and the surrounding mountain ranges. 

The scallop curry and agnolotti served with pomp and glamor make every meal at 71Above an experience. 

5. Rossoblu

Who doesn’t love a good Italian? Not on our side, and we can confidently assume it’s the same for you.

Dining in the beautiful Danish interiors, you will have a feeling like you’re in a totally different country, not just city. Rossoblu specialties includes pastas like tortellini, bolognese, and tagliatelle. 

6. Bestia

Sticking to the Italian, Bestia is also a masterpiece by the chefs Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis. 

What to try out at Bestia? Besides typical Italian like pizza and pasta, you can try out their grilled fish and steaks.

Bestia is located at the heart of Los Angeles, making it an easy spot to visit for tourists. 

7. Bottega Louie

Ending our list with the third Italian in a row, Bottega Louie is known for its menu of pastas, pizzas, and salads. 

Both dine-ins and take-outs are available, which makes it convenient for everybody in a hurry in the busy streets of downtown Los Angeles. 

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