Top 5 Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA has it all. It’s home to the stars, has enviably good weather almost year-round, and is a melting pot of ethnic diversity and opportunities. However, just like any big city, Los Angeles also has its fair share of terrible traffic, homelessness, and unsafe areas. 

If you are looking for a Los Angeles address, three words are key: location, location, location. We have done the heavy lifting to bring you the best five neighborhoods in L.A.

1. Playa del Rey

We bet you haven’t heard of this area before, and that’s part of its charm. This location offers a much-needed breather from the super vibrant vibe in downtown Los Angeles.

Playa del Rey is near Venice and Santa Monica, but the prices are fairer compared to the two. The beach is around the corner, with much less traffic than downtown Los Angeles and numerous stores and restaurants to explore. 

This area is perfect for students and young professionals as it’s right at the heart of Silicon Beach, so opportunities are plenty.

2. Westwood

Westwood is undoubtedly upmarket, has numerous top-notch schools, is pedestrian-friendly, and, yes, is on the expensive side. 

Notably, Westwood is home to the University of California, Los Angeles-UCLA. The influx of students into the institution makes it lively without destroying its signature residential charm. 

The area borders Bel Air and Beverly Hills, which have some of the most expensive real estate in the country. That notwithstanding, Westwood offers a relaxed atmosphere, rich art and culture, and lush greenery. 

3. Silver Lake

Silver Lake is trendy and safe, making it the perfect haven for singles and young professionals on the up and up. This area is between Los Feliz and Echo Park, so residents enjoy the best of both worlds. 

The city has Silver Lake as a backdrop, and who wouldn’t want to live close to a lake? This creates the perfect spot to unwind in nature but within a city. This gives Silver Lake a couple of cool points. 

4. Cheviot Hills

Cheviot Hills offers a desirable address next door to Beverly Hills, but is slightly more affordable. Ever so slightly. 

What stands out here are the palm tree-lined streets and single-family homes. Cheviot Hills is a hidden gem for families with excellent public elementary schools. 

There are also numerous green spaces, private parks, a golf academy, and a tennis center. The complete package offers professionals a peaceful cove, albeit with easy access to the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. Additionally, you get good schools and enough extracurricular activities for the kids.

5. Bel Air

Can’t end this list without one of the most prominent neighborhoods not just in the city but in the entire country. 

Bel Air offers its residents almost total isolation from the busy streets and the loud, urban atmosphere that is most of Los Angeles.

Instead, it’s almost like you’re living in wilderness but still have quick access to everything you need in the urban area. 

Hotel Bel-Air, Getty View Park, and Bel-Air Country Club are amongst the most prominent places in this neighborhood. 

Things to Do in Los Angeles

Our list comprises five prime, differently priced addresses suitable for families, singles, and young professionals. 

Whichever one you pick, living in Los Angeles will be an unforgettable experience.

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